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Points of Interest not to be missed

From 10 to 35km…

CHÂTEAU of MAGRIN (12 km)  All you ever wanted to know about pastel, the famous blue color.
CHÂTEAU OF MONTGEY (8 km) Perched above the village, the château dominates the plain of Revel and has a beautiful view on the Black Mountain.
LAUTREC (33 km) Very nice 14th century fortified village specialized in the raising of pink garlic and with one of the nicest sceneries of the Tarn.
REVEL (17 km) Fortified town founded in 1342, at the foot of the northern side of the Black Mountain. Beautiful central covered market.  It is still used every Saturday for the market.  The same framework resting on a multitude of pillars has been in place for over 600 years.
DURFORT (24 km) Small town of copper craftsmen, sadly enough the standard boilers can't be found anymore, but by searching you may find something that will please you.
SOREZE (22 km) / One of the doors to the Regional Park of Haut Languedoc, the village used to house one of the twelve royal military schools, closed just recently. 

PADIES (23km) A Renaissance castle set in a garden recreated on the basis of an original 17th century painting. Ideal setting for concerts, art exhibitions, seminars and music master classes.

CHATEAU OF LOUBENS (9 km) 16th century château, lived in by the same family for 22 generations. 15 furnished rooms and the gardens may be visited from May 1st to November 1st. 

CASTRES (35 km) / The Goya museum and its garden designed by Le Notre. Spanish paintings and a complete collection of Goya's lithography.The Jacobins' headquarters.
View on the old 15th century houses bordering the left bank of the Agout River. 
TOULOUSE (35 km) / Toulouse, known as the "Pink City", got its name from the bricks from which it is made of.  Gay, lively, and proud of its past, it hides less known treasures for those who will try to discover them and appreciate them.  
The Capitol Square.  Downtown. Designed by the architect Cammas in the 18th century, with an east façade, the Capitol is one of the nicest and most majestic city halls of France.
St Sernin basilica. St Sernin square.A typical building of Romanesque art.  It is 115 meters long.  The purity of its lines comes from the central aisle of the big nave with its beautiful stained-glass windows.
St Etienne Cathedral. St-Etienne square. This cathedral is disconcerting for three different styles are side by side: Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque.  Close by, the antiquities neighborhood where beautiful dwellings of the noble parliament of the 17th and 18th century are hidden.
Museum of the Augustin friars, 21 rue de Metz, Phone: 
In 1309 the St Augustin brothers built the convent, which houses today a collection of Romanesque sculptures.  Open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Closed on Tuesdays and holidays. 
Bemberg foundation in the Hotel d'Assezats, Phone:
Exhibition of paintings, lithographs, antiquities and French furniture from the 16th to the 20th century.  Several pieces from well-known artists such as Matisse and Bonnard. 
Jacobins dining hall, Cloitre des Jacobins, Phone:

Built between 1230 and 1234, the Jacobin church is a masterpiece of southern gothic architecture.  The convent's garden and the chapter house are alive again in the summer with the soft musical evenings. 
A suggestion for a walk…
From the St-Pierre square to the Pont Neuf following the beautiful banks of the Garonne River. 

THE ABATTOIRS  Modern art museum opened in June 2000.  A series of bright halls, well designed, highlighting modern works from paintings to sculpture and video.

From 36 to 65km…  

ALBI (63 km)  The 15th century St Cécile Cathedral. An astonishing brick building with an exceptional interior decor. Toulouse Lautrec museum. Lautrec as you have never known it, a real surprise, and a true pleasure!
LISLE SUR TARN (42 km) 13th century fortified town, an architectural medieval beauty on the banks of the Tarn River.

SAISSAC (38 km)  One of the nicest villages of the Black Mountain.  The ruins of the old wall go back to the 12th century.  You may stroll through the small paved streets.

CARCASSONNE (63 km)  This medieval city's first known agglomeration was founded around the 8th century.  We find it too geared to tourists and renovated too much but it still is a "must".  From a distance it's an unbelievable sight.
SAINT PAPOUL (38 km) The Benedictine abbey is a haven of peace.  Spend a short half-hour in the convent on the way back from Carcassonne.
MIREPOIX (71 km) / 13th century village, half-timbered houses are laid on a string of wooden pillars, making galleries all around the square.
NATIONAL PARK OF THE HAUT LANGUEDOC AND THE BLACK MOUNTAIN (65 km) Lakes, forest, rivers, quiet, and unforgettable scenery.  What else could one wish for on a day's hike?
THE CATHAR CHÂTEAU OF LASTOURS (80 km) The closest Cathar château dominating the Orbiel valley and which used to control the crossing of the Black Mountain.

From 65 to 100km…  

CORDES SUR CIEL (72 km)  13th century medieval fortified town.  Meal at Thuriès!  Every summer there is a giant maze in the cornfields with a musical show with costumes of the period.

AMBIALET (78 km) The Tarn river surrounds this village and turns it almost into an island of rocks. On top of the village, from the church and monastery you will discover a beautiful panorama.
ST ANTONIN DE MOBLE VAL (85 km) Nestled on the right bank of the Aveyron, the village is a charming maze of narrow streets bordered by 13th and 15th century houses.  The Aveyron gorges turn out to be scenery of great beauty.
MOISSAC (110 km) You must go into the heart of the city to discover the Saint Pierre church, Benedictine abbey. With its 116 pillar Romanesque cloister from the year 1100.
MONTAUBAN (91 km) Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the rare cathedrals in France from the classical period built according to the plans of Louis XIV's architects.  The Ingres Museum is well worth the trip, Montauban being the birthplace of this great painter.
One mustn't visit southwestern France without seeing these magical ruins that marked the history of the region.
FOIX (96 km) Surrounded by mountains, Foix is a very nice city built on a terrace of the Ariège River dominated by the château's rock.  The dreadful Simon de Montfort who bragged "he would melt like grease the rock of Foix and would roast his master" besieged this château built between the 13th and 15th centuries…

Over 100 km…  

THE CELLARS OF ROQUEFORT (95 km)  A circuit in the cellars, dug out on several levels in the mass of fallen earth, allows us to follow the different stages in the maturing of the famous cheese.  Besides the visit of the cellars, the site prides itself of being the "capital of the prehistoric Aveyron region".

THE GORGES OF THE TARN RIVER (148 km)  83 km long, and 100 m deep, the Tarn River's canyon is a huge hallway cut between the plateau of Sauveterre and that of Méjean.  Spectacular views interspersed with the charm of peaceful villages.
RODEZ (143 km) / A town having suddenly grown since the 60's.  The main architectural riches are in the old town, on the peak.  The Notre Dame Cathedral built in the 15th century is integrated into the old walls of the town.  The Fenaille museum presents collections from prehistory to the 19th century, as well as very rich Gallo-Roman antiquities.
CONQUES (179 km) This village, with its remarkable 11th century abbey was a great pilgrimage center for medieval Christianity.  The center of the village has remained surprisingly untouched, with its sloped streets bordered by houses with 15th and 16th century stone roof tiles.
ESPALION (173 km) Located on the Lot River, Espalion is a delightful village with a pretty 13th century bridge.
GORGES OF THE LOT RIVER (182 km) Between the villages of Estaing and Entraygues, the Lot River flows through a large picturesque valley.
ROCAMADOUR (218 km) This beautiful village, place of pilgrimage, is exceptionally well situated on the steep slopes of a cliff in the Alzou gorges.  It lies along one long medieval street, bordered by beautiful houses and dominated by a 14th century château, accessible by a 233-step staircase.  You must be in shape!
CAHORS (154 km) The legendary Valentré Bridge has become the town's symbol, circled by a loop of the Lot River.  It discouraged the English, and even Henri IV, and has never been attacked!  But don't forget the wines, the Cahors vineyard is one of the oldest in France.

AUCH (124 km)  The old town is picturesquely built as an amphitheater on a steep slope with a monumental staircase and small old windy streets climbing up.  Cathedral Sainte Marie, one of the last ones built in France goes back to the 17th century.
LECTOURE (153 km) Classified as one of the nicest southwestern towns.  The monuments have become hotels, cultural centers or museums.  All of the old town and the cathedral are worth a visit.
MAUVEZIN (107 km) On the square is a beautiful and vast 14th century covered market place on stone pillars with a very pretty wooden framework overhanging it.  Each year from July to November the market and the garlic contest are held there.
GASCOGNE REGION (140 km) Land of hills and small rivers, of groves of oak trees and vineyards especially cultivated for the Gascons' brandy, the Armagnac.  Birthplace of the "Musketeers", the English stayed there 100 years and yet the gastronomy is excellent! 
NARBONNE AND THE COASTAL BEACHES (138 km) Narbonne has been mentioned as "Kingdom" since the 7th century.  The Romans, Barbarians and the Arabs amongst others occupied it.
Visit the old city's quarters before taking a swim in the Mediterranean.  To our knowledge the beaches are not all that great.  Maybe there's a nice little bay near by? 
The massif of the Clape, between Narbonne and the sea is a surprising small world.  It used to be an island, classified as a protected site; it is ideal for walks.
Gruissan, to the south of Narbonne is a charming fishermen's village built in a circle.
PERPIGNAN (191 km) At first it was a Roman villa (927) and at a crucial time tied to the Majorca kingdom.  It's only since the early 17th century that Perpignan has been a part of France.
The citadel looks over the town and houses the old palace of the Majorca kings, of which the chapel is the nicest.
The St Jean neighborhood is the original center of the old town.  It is full of 14th and 15th century private hotels and merchants homes, and the St Jean Cathedral is one of the nicest examples of southern Gothic architecture.  Go on South and get to Barcelona in time for the noon meal!
THE THERMAL CATHAR CHATEAUX, VILLEPOUGE TERMENES, QUERIBUS/CUCUGNAN, PEYREPERTUSE, PUILAURENS & AGUILLAR. (153 km) Burnt by the sun, beaten by the winds, on the top of vertiginous cliffs, these fortresses remain very impressing.  They were the defense line for the city of Carcassonne.  Refuge for the "heretic" Cathars, at the cost of fierce battles, they fell one by one, till the last act of  "Montségur's stake", March 16th 1244.
AXES LES THERMES (139 km) It is said that these sulfurous hot springs do miracles for the health!  On the way you'll see very diversified and beautiful sceneries of high mountains.
ANDORRA (199 km) www.tourisme-andorre.netThe land of "tax-free" supermarkets.
THE MOUNTAIN - THE PYRENEES AND SPAIN (180 km) / / Dazzling change of scenery in summer as in winter.  The mountains: 1h1/2 drive!  Several ski stations are waiting for you and in summer hikes in the fresh air.  From the simple gray streets and slate roofs of Haute-Garonne to the warm colors of the Roussillon, the Pyrenees villages offer a wide range of architectural styles.

And for the children…
From 10 to 35km… 

PUYLAURENS (16 km) Our friends the bunny Angolème la Tuilerie, Route de Vielmur, D92, Phone:   All the history of the Angora breed of rabbits, and other animals may be discovered in the farm next door (peacocks, goats, cows, frogs, etc…) 
L'atelier de Vaure, Route de Revel.  Phone:
A creative afternoon of drawing and handwork for children 8 to 13 years old.  Ideal for rainy days. 
Leisure center of Puylaurens,  Phone:
Children may be welcomed in several centers.  Wide choice of activities: pottery, wooden whistles, shadow play, rafts, boats, handwork, theater and many other things.
From 10 to 35km… 

ST LIEUX DES LAVAUR (25 km) / www.ville-lavaur.frthe little train D 630 direction St Sulpice, Phone:
An old rebuilt train, departure from St Lieux to the Floral Park terminus. During the trip a guide explains the history.
LAUTREC (25 km) Aquaval. Open end of June to end of September, everyday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., a water area, a lagoon with a big slide, a paddling pool, waterfall and swimming pool.  Also, picnic areas, bowling alley and volley court.

From 36 to 65km…  

TOULOUSE (35 km) Space European Park, Toulouse Eastern beltway exit N°17.  Phone:
Exhibitions including over 140 items on 3.5 hectares (8 1/2 acres)
Planetarium, satellite pictures, discovery of the great spatial activity advances.
Open everyday except Mondays from June 15th to September 15th - 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. ticket office closes at 6 p.m.  September 16th to June 14th - 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. ticket office closes at 5 p.m.
PLAISANCE DU TOUCH (50 km) African safari, 41 Rue des Landes Phone
On 5 hectares (over 12 acres), 350 animals!  Lions, zebras, ostriches, rhinos - Africa in Haute-Garonne!
Open everyday from October 1st to March 31st - 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and from April 1st to September 30th - 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
VILLARDONNEL (50 km) Domaine La Calme, Dl 18 towards Carcassonne, Phone
Archery on unchangeable 3D animals, hunting without killing, all while taking advantage of a hike in nature.

ROQUEFERT (50 km) La Chèvrerie de la Cascade, Hameau de St Julien, Phone:
In the midst of the Black Mountain, next to one of the highest waterfalls of Europe, a goat farm will delight young and old.
Open everyday June through September 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

And further away…  

ROQUEFORT Walibi Park, near Agen A62, D656, Phone
From the ladybug to the water maze, from the pirate boat to the tam-tam tower.  All you need, including fast food, for a day dedicated to children!

SIGEAN, African reserve, 15 km south of Narbonne  Phone:
Open 365 days per year with over 3,000  animals and the day may be shared between the reserve and the seacoast beaches.
ESPERAZA,  Dinosaur museum, Dl 18 towards Quillan, Phone:
35 species of dinosaurs with the largest paleontological excavations in Europe.  Spielberg in direct!

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Local Markets
Monday Castelnaudary until 4 p.m., 35 km on the D45 Revel -RN 1
Tuesday Auriac sur Vendinelle up till noon, 10 km on the D1
Wednesday Puylaurens till noon, 13 km on the RN 126
Thursday Caraman till noon, 20 km on the D1
Friday Villefranche de Lauragais till noon, 25 km on the D622
Saturday Revel till noon, 15 km on the D45 
Castres till noon, 35 km on the RN 126 
Lavaur till noon, 28 km on the D35/87 
Albi, flea market on the Castelviel square, till noon
Sunday Toulouse, flea market around St-Sernin basilica till noon

Toulouse - the antiquity and second-hand market in the Jules Gues de alleys 
Friday to Sunday, all day long 
At Cabanial, the craftsmen's marketplace. 

Photo1 marchés   Photo2 marchés
Tourism and Local Activities

Food and drink
Pierre Banquet: Our favorite butcher and delicatessen can supply you with the specialities of our region: cassoulet, fevoulet and lentillade (stews with meats and saussage with beans, broad beans or lentils)
9 avenue de Castelnaudary, 31250 Revel tel 05 61 83 54 28
La lorien: Fruit and herb jellies, jams and chutneys to be served with cold meats, fish or cheese
Le Grès, 81440 Vénès, tel 05 63 75 30 34
Pascouli and la Pomarède cheese stalls:  Every Saturday at Revel market, and during the week in their farm those lovely ladies will supply you with the freshest cheese, yoghurt, cream
Robinhol, 31540 St Felix Lauragais tel 05 61 83 10 97
Garland: A delicious organic beer, from barley and hop. This beer is brewed in a former brick oven
Garland, 81470 Algans, tel 05 63 75 74 68

Antiques and decorative items
Antik: Annicka and Bruno select small piece of mahogany furniture as well as guilded mirrors, silver and china, with great taste at resonable prices
22 rue Frederic Thomas, 81100 Castres, tel 05 63 72 98 45
La Campagne de Philippe: Philippe has renovated this medieval shop and now sells linen table cloths, and beautiful quilted beadspreads, as well as his own
6 galerie du Midi, 31250 Revel, tel fax 05 62 18 97 57

Atelier de Cécile: In our village Cécile binds books and creates beautiful binders, frames and books in exquisite leather and hand made papers
30 avenue Jean Jaurès, 8170 Cuq Toulza, tel 05 63 70 31 59

Poterie N: This family has been producing pots in the same studio for generations. Their catalogue includes hundreds of designs from the 18th and 19th century, and each piece can be glazed in your favorite colour. They can also reproduce any terra cotta item. This is a very precious adress that we will only give away when you stay with us.
This is only a small selection, once we meet you and discuss what you are looking for we can direct you to other shops worth a visit.

Sports and Leisure


-At Fiac, 25km : 18 holes. Golf des Etangs de Fiac, 81500 Brazis - Phone :   
-At Mazamet, 45km : 18 holes, nice course. "Barouge", 81660 Pont de l'Arne - Phone :   
-At Castres, 35km : 18 holes, , the best for beginners. Domaine de la Gourjade, 81100 Castres - Phone :     
-At Dremil-Lafage : 9 holes, Golf de Toulouse Borde Haute, Lafage, 31280 Dremil-Lafage - Phone : 


-At St-Férréol, 18km : hour /day ride.. club Equilibre, Chemin de Cales, 31250 Revel - Phone :   
-At Bertre, 10km : hour riding and lesson. Ecurie du Lauragais Ramières, 81700 Bertre - Phone :   
-At Damiatte, 20km : hour/half-day/day rides. La Ferme Auberge, Voyage à Cheval Belair, 81220 Damiatte - Phone : 


- At St-Férréol, 18km : Minimum of 10 people in high season. Le Bivouac, 31350 St-Férréol - Phone :


- At St-Férréol, 18km : mid-April to mid-September. Bivouac Centre, 31350 St-Férréol - Phone :  

- At St-Férréol, 18km : 20 min first flight.. Bivouac Centre, 31350 St-Férréol - Phone :


-At Castres, 35km : Ice-skating rink (closed in summer), swimming pool, water games, tennis. Complexe Archipel, Avenue Georges Pompidou, 81100 Castres - Phone :


Ticket valid for 15 days or half a season. Mr Besombes, Articles de Pêches, 19 bis, Avenue de St-Férréol, 31250 Revel - Phone : 
-At St-Férréol, 18km : St-Férréol lake  
-At Cambon, 8km : Geignes lake  
-At Vivies les Lavaurs, 12km : Veilhes lake  
-At Briax, 12km :  Messal lake  
-At Fraysse sur Agout (1 hour drive): In a river, Route Salvetat, direction Castres - Brassac


Mallards of Sabournac, 18 km: private huntingOpen August 15th to January 31st. Benoît Royer, Gandels, 81700 Garrevaques - Phone:

Tel. : +33 (0)5 63 82 54 00 - Fax : +33 (0)5 63 82 54 11 -
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